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Posted on: March 15, 2008 12:18 pm
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Championship Saturday Blog

10:00 AM MT: The CUSA Championship is already over, Memphis is up 32- 10 over Tulsa with 7 minutes left in the first half, I'm no doctor, but I'm calling Tulsa dead.

10:13 AM MT: Switch to the tip of the America East championship game. Maryland- Baltimore County vs. Hartford, played at the RAC at UMBC. The atmosphere is incredible, probably 5,000 fans in a 4,000 seat building, and all are close to the court. The noise is incredible, a Hartford player threw up an air- ball, and the "AIRRR BALLLL, AIRRRR BALLLL" chant could be heard on the other side of my house, and the announcers couldn't be. UMBC is playing very well at home, up 22- 6 right now. Both teams playing for their first ever tournament birth.

10:30 AM MT: The CUSA championship is 42- 13 at the half, assuming equal output in the second, the final score will be... 84- 26. Good game... The America East championship is headed the same direction the Retrivers are up 34- 11 with five minutes to go in the first half.

11:17 AM MT: Memphis picks up the first automatic berth of the day, 10 more to go. Memphis wins 77-51, the bench got a lot of playing time, something I liked was that Tulsa never gave up. UMBC is up 53- 40 in the America East game, 12:00 to go.

12:10 PM MT: UMBC advances to the tournament with their win over Hartford, the Retreivers dominated the game, the score: 82- 65

12:35 PM MT: No championships on right now, checking in on the Wisconsin- Michigan State game, another Big 10 snore- fest. Next up are the A-10 and Pac-10 championships, The A- 10 game intrigues me more, the winner advances to the NCAA tourney, and the loser has to sweat it out Sunday. In the mean time I'll probably watch some hockey, the Avalanche are taking on the Devils.

3:04 PM MT: Getting set to watch the next round of championships, still can't believe that it's Illinois and Minnesota in the Big 10 semifinal, 28- 21 Illini right now, if either of these teams win the tournament, some bubble team is going to be upset come Sunday.

4:09 PM MT: Clemson defeats Duke in a big upset. 78- 74 is the final. Clemson meets North Carolina tomorrow in the ACC final.

4:12 PM MT: The A-10 championship game tips off, Saint Joeseph's versus Temple. 5 seed vs. 2 seed. Winner advance to the tournament. Temple, if it loses will probably stay home, St. Joe's might go despite a loss. Both teams cold to start, 2- 0 Hawks after two minutes. 

4:19 PM MT: The Pac- 10 championship game gets underway, UCLA versus Stanford. Both teams are locks for the NCAA tourney. UCLA likely playing for a 1 seed, a loss might see them replaced by Georgetown or Kansas or Texas. Stanford could land anywhere from the 2 line to the 5 line.

4:37 PM MT: St Joe's is up 21- 15 and Stanford leads 17-11. Kansas and Illinois just finished up their games, setting up a Kansas vs. Texas Big 12 final, and an Illinois vs. Wisconsin Big 10 final.

5:05 PM MT: 3 more championship games underway. MAC is the first to tip- off, Kent State vs. Akron. Kent State is probably assured of a birth in the Big Dance, Akron needs the win. The SWAC is the second underway, the SWAC is a one- bid league, ranked last in conference RPI, this contest has the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils battling Jackson State. Third to tip is the Mountain West Conference, which pits the BYU Cougars against the UNLV Runnin' Rebels, I think both of these teams are locks for the NCAA tournament.  in the A-10 St Joe's is up 32- 25 at halftime, and in the Pac- 10, UCLA and Stanford are tied at 32 at the half.

5:11 PM MT: I flipped to Versus for the MWC Championship game, and boy was I surprised. Air Force (my hometown team) clogs up the game and plays a possession style, so the only MWC action I've seen has been methodical, but BYU and UNLV are sprinting up and down the court and after 4 minutes BYU has a 11- 9 lead.

5:29 PM MT: Whoops, SWAC is in a delay, I can't figure out why... BYU leads 23- 15 in the MWC the pace hasn't slowed a bit. Kent State leads the MAC game 20- 19. UCLA and Stanford are tied at 39, and Temple has taken the lead, 43- 39 in the A- 10.

5:50 PM MT: Half time in Las Vegas. BYU up 4 at the break. UNLV cut the lead late with a 4 point play. Kent State leads Akron 33- 20 also at halftime, Temple up 63- 55 in A- 10 action, UCLA up 50- 45 in the Pac- 10.

6:08 PM MT: Temple wins to secure the automatic Atlantic 10 Conference bid, Xavier will join them in the tournament, I think St. Joe's will join them. Temple wins 69- 64, the Owls celebrate in Jersey. The SWAC championship game is WELL underway now, 29- 24 Mississippi Valley State leads with 2 and a half to go in the first. The MEAC championship has tipped off, another one- bid league, has Coppin State up against Morgan St.

6:19 PM MT: UCLA wins the Pac- 10 tournament with a 67- 64 win over Stanford, but the Cardinal had a shot, and with no time left the game- tying three- pointer hits the front of the rim. In the MWC championship, UNLV has taken the lead early in the second.

6:25 PM MT: Arkansas upsets Tennesse, 92- 91. Tennessee might have just lost their number 1 seed, they could be replaced by Georgetown or the Big 12 winner on the 1 line.

6:52 PM MT: Wink Adams (guard, UNLV) has taken over the game, 3 three- pointers in 3 possessions, and he has given the Rebels a 71- 61 lead with two minutes left.

7:00 PM MT: UNLV wins to assure themselves of an NCAA bid. 76- 61 win over BYU. BYU will be included in the 65 team field as well.

7:27 PM MT: Kent State wins the MAC bid, they beat Akron 74- 55, we won't be seeing the Zips in the tournament. The WAC championship and the Big East championship tip- off. The WAC game has Boise State travelling to New Mexico State to face the Aggies. The Big Ease has the Georgetown Hoyas playing against the Pitt Panthers.

7:33 PM MT: Mississippi Valley State takes home the SWAC crown. The Delta Devils will likely play in the play- in game after their 59- 58 win over the Jackson State Tigers.

8:07 PM MT: A second team from Baltimore is in the tournament, as Coppin State beats Morgan State 62- 60. The Eagles will represent the SWAC, and will probably play in the play- in game.

8:43 PM MT: The Georgia Bulldogs win their secong game today, this on over Mississippi State 62- 60, to advance to the SEC final to face the Arkansas Razorbacks, meanwhile Boise State is trying to pull away from New Mexico State, but the Aggies won't go away, it's 66- 63 right now. Pittsburgh leads Georgetown 49- 42 in the Big East.

9:07 PM MT: The WAC championship is going to overtime! The Aggies and the Broncos have battled to a 71- 71 tie, and overtime gets underway. Pitt leads Georgetown 62- 56 with just under two minutes left. The Big West championship game is underway with the fifth seeded UC Irvine Anteaters (Zot, Zot) taking on the Cal State Fullerton Titans, winner to the NCAA's loser goes home.

9:21 PM MT: Pittsburgh upsets Georgetown, as the Panthers clinch a spot in the Big Dance. No worries for the Hoyas though, we'll here from them come Sunday. Boise State leads New Mexico State 80- 77 in OT.  Fullerton leads Irvine 18-11.

9:23 PM MT: New Mexico State takes the ball, misses 2 three- point attempts, and then the big man grabs the board and gets fouled. He completes the three point play, and the Aggies force a second overtime.

9:37 PM MT: New Mexico State gets a layup with 16.7 seconds left to force a third overtime, the game is tied at 92. Fullerton leads Irvine 25- 19.

10:01 PM MT: Boise State finally wins, in triple overtime, 107- 102. Sadly, after 55 minutes of basketball, New Mexico State will probably only merit an NIT bid. Fullerton is up 35- 25 in the Big West.

11:02 PM MT: Cal State Fullerton wins the last game of the night, beating the Eaters 81- 66. The Anteaters never gave up... but it didn't matter. 

Automatic bids on Saturday: Memphis Memphis,  UMBC,  Temple,  UCLA,  UNLV,  Kent State,  MVSU, Coppin State,  Pittsburgh,  Boise State,  Cal State Fullerton

Posted on: March 14, 2008 11:47 pm
Edited on: March 15, 2008 6:41 pm

gripes with brackets

I don't think Tennessee will hold onto its 1 seed, today against South Carolina, the Vols looked very beatable. I think Tennessee is due for a fall in the SEC tournament. Georgetown or Kansas (depending on the conference tournaments) will take the Vols spot.

Drake seems to average about a 7 seed in brackets. Drake (Missouri Valley champion) is a VERY underated team. The feel- good story of the year, the Bulldogs, is slighted. Drake plays a run and gun style, like the spread offense of college football. The three ball is the great equaliser, and Drake can chew up a huge deficit in nothing flat. Drake (unlike most of the teams ranked above them) had no problem in their conference tournament, capping it with a thirty point win over Illinois State on national TV.

Speaking of Illinois State, there is no reason the Redbirds should be on the bubble. Illinois State went 24- 9 (13-5) and finished second in the regular and post season in the Valley. The Missouri Valley conference is one of the eight best conferences in the nation, and easily deserves two bids.

The Mountain West conference also deserves two bids, and UNLV should be a lock at 24-7 (12-4).

The Big West conference gives us a great surprise, the championship game will feature the 5 seeded UC Irvine Anteaters (Zot, Zot) facing the Cal State Fullerton Titans (probably, up big at half time). Go 'Eaters!!!!


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