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Posted on: April 26, 2008 12:39 am
Edited on: April 26, 2008 12:40 am

Early Round 2, Stanley Cup Play-offs

All 4 series are going to be tight, one goal wins in every game (through game 1's). The 8 teams are only separated by a hair. The parity of the NHL now is amazing, no team really outperformed another, the upcoming weeks are going to be exciting.

Did you see the NBC schedule again? This weekend we have the pleasure of watching the Rangers and the Red Wings, (and the Pens) just like, oh every other week during the year (except for the Washington games), how about showing San Jose or Montreal some love? Is it really too tough to expose a Canadian team or a West coast team to the American public, or maybe, NBC can only pick 4 teams to broadcast throughout the year...


Red Wings in 7

Sharks in 5

Canadians in 7

Penguins in 6

I'm pulling for the Avalanche, but they won't get it done. The Sharks seem to have an edge over the Stars early, Turco will struggle, The Canadians will get it done in another slugging series, and the youth finds a way in Pittsburgh.

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Posted on: April 12, 2008 6:45 pm

Early Round 1, Stanley Cup Play- offs

As it stands:

Montreal up 1-0 on Boston

Pittsburgh leads Ottawa 2-0

Washington 1 Philly 0

2-0 Rangers over the Devils

Detroit leads 2-0 over Nashville

San Jose and Calgary tied at 1 game a piece

Ditto Minnesota and Colorado

Dallas leads Anahiem 1-0


The Eastern Conference really hasn't seen any close games. The best game was Game 2 between the Penguins and the Senators. Pittsburgh went up 3-0, Ottawa fought back to tie it, but Malone out in two goals in the final 2 minutes to give the 5-3 win to the Pens. The West has been more tightly contested, even the Red Wings- Predators series has been close. Game 2 today was all over the map. The oddest play of the day game when Hasek grabbed hold of Arnott's stick while Arnott skated into the corner. The stick then got stuck behind Hasek's leg and he was pulled down. Play was stopped and the announcers were debating the call, they couldn't decide 2 on Arnott for hooking, or 2 on Hasek for holding or diving? It was Hasek for holding, I laughed at the play.

How about that NBC favoritism? During the season the four teams constantly on game of the week (and by this I mean EVERY game included one of these teams) were the Red Wings, the Penguins, the Rangers, and the Capitals. Now that we've hit the second season, the field has narrowed to two. The first 3 games of the play- offs broadcast by NBC go to the Redwings (game 2) and the Capitals (games 2 and 5). I live in Colorado. I could care less about the Eastern Conference and the Dead Things, but this is all NBC will give us, an East coast bias. There are teams in the West besides the Red Wings too...

Enjoy the rest of the play- offs, go Avs and Sharks!!!!

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